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Afternoon Youth Classes Now Open!

The fact that you are viewing this page likely means that you understand the general benefits of marital arts and the good influences on kids and youths. Self discipline, respect, self confidence, and fitness can all be the end products of a successful path in martial arts training under the right instructor. These are the characters that Eagle Talon Martial Arts strides to instill in all its students adults and kids alike; and unsurprisingly, all reputable schools would do the same. It is how we are DIFFERENT from other schools that may make us a better fit for your child’s training.

How we are DIFFERENT:

Hapkido is REAL – Hapkido is not a sport. It is not for show. We are not here to give out trophies and promotions just to make your child feel good about him / herself. Hapkido is often used by elite forces in security and law enforcement. While the skills are adjusted accordingly for the youths, they are every bit as effective in real self defense situations and will prove to be invaluable skill sets to have for life.

Non-Violent Training – We train hard, but we do not beat up on each other. We mentioned this is not a sport. We do not have sparring because our skills are real and we don’t PRETEND to fight. Our trained instructors will do hands on practices with each student.

We are Family – Our school is small. We are a humble, close knit group that has been around for over a decade. This is a place of respect and care, and the kids will feel it. Many youths had trained with us over the years and are now college grads and have successful careers. We hold gatherings with games and barbecue. Check out our Facebook photos to see our “family pics”

When you enroll your child in our Hapkido school, you are not just providing a recreational activity between end of a school day and dinner time, you are investing in valuable skills and learning experience that will benefit your child for the rest of his / her life.

Contact us for a time to visit and chat with our Master!

You can find our class schedule here.

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