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Eagle Talon Martial Arts
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Our goal is to provide a fun and safe environment where students can grow inwardly and outwardly as a person; where they can practice techniques that will improve their health and stamina; at the same time, learn skills that will protect them (and their love ones) from assailant(s). We adhere to the "Student-First" Philosophy and strive to be the best Martial Arts school that best supports our student's needs (both physical and mental development) while maintaining our academy's VISION of Top Quality Instruction.


Here at Eagle Talon Martial Arts (ETMA) Academy, we adhere to three fundamental Values:
Health, Safety, and Self-Defense !!!

Health: Here at ETMA, we value your health the most. You will learn how to save your Ki energy and improve both your inner strength and your physical stamina.

Safety: Simply put - you can not train if you are injured. That is why we have developed simple step-by-step techniques that are simple but effective. To further ensure your safety, our Dojang (studio) is floored with Dollamur's two-inch Olympic-grade wrestling mats.

Self-Defense: And finally, we will teach you how to defend yourself (your love ones) from realistic street scenarios, and how to apply your skills effectively.

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