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<font size=6 face="arial narrow"><b> BASIC SKILLS</b></font>
I.Dan Jun Breathing
  A. Front
  B. Up
  C. Down
  D. Open Arms

  A. Natural
  B. Dan Jun
  C. Ready
  D. Climbing
  E. Stop

III. Ways of Hitting
  A. 7 Kinds of Hitting
    1. Punch
    2. Hammer
    3. Spear
    4. Half-spear
    5. Spike
    6. Palm
    7. Back-punch

  B. 6 Kinds of Hand-knife
    1. Down-inside
    2. Down-outside
    3. Side
    4. Turn-around
    5. Reach-hand
    6. Half reach-hand

  C. Arm Hit (hitting with forearm)

  D. Elbow Hits
    1. Up
    2. Front
    3. Side
    4. Turn-around
    5. Back

IV. Rising-Ki

V. Ki-Grip

VI. Falls (Nak-Bup)
  A. Front fall-down
  B. Side fall-down (right & left)
  C. Back fall
  D. Cat fall
  E. Revolving

VII. Attack Hand-sword (grip escape)
  A. Down
  B. Up
  C. Inside

VIII. Push-Ups
  A. Regular
  B. Finger-style
  C. Kung Fu Style

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